Why us?

We are an early-stage venture capital firm that aims to empower tech entrepreneurs in Vietnam and beyond to positively transform the lives of people everywhere.

We are first and foremost an operational VC that understands tech, having built tech teams and tech products before. Our Silicon Valley roots allows us to offer a range of unfair advantages, including meaningful access to a vast network of key players across the globe, deep expertise in technology, valuable experience in building a business, and world class support from a seasoned team. When it comes to investing, our commitment goes beyond financial backing, we offer hands-on, strategic guidance to help founders every step of the way, whether it's people, capital, or growth.

We aim to be a startup's first investor as well as a trusted partner throughout their journey. Having been deploying venture capital since 2015, we understand the challenges that founders face and what it takes to win.

How we invest

We look for founders building innovative software solutions to solve big hairy problems.

We typically invest from idea stage to pre-product market fit, with investment size ranging from $500K to $2M.

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