Women Led Startups

Women entrepreneurs in Vietnam and beyond hold a tremendous amount of untapped potential. We believe a combination of venture-building and investment will improve the quantity and quality of women-led startups.

Through our partnership with Investing in Women, we have provided technical assistance in the form of training, mentorship and community builiding via our SHINE woman founder initiatives to help realize the potential of women entrepreneurs. We are also aiming for at least 20% and preferably up to 40% of our initial-invested capital to be into women-owned and/or women-led startups.


As one of the few leading seed funds that solely operate in Vietnam, we are committed to making impactful and socially responsible investments that contribute to a better future for Vietnam and its future generations.

This commitment comes not just from addressing risk and seeking higher returns but also from a sense of obligation borne from family history and personal experience.

Addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors early can be critical in mitigating risks including reputation, regulatory, and financial risks. We consider ESG throughout our entire investment process and measure the social impact of all our investments.

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