Empowering transformational change

We aim to empower tech entrepreneurs in Vietnam and beyond to positively transform the lives of people everywhere.

We believe in the promise of technology to improve how people live, work, and play, and believe that tech entrepreneurs in Vietnam - with their proximity to underserved people as well as their access to abundant tech talent - are well-positioned to do this.  With our robust financing and support to founders in Vietnam, we can both achieve superior returns and make a positive impact.  We are motivated in this not merely out of fiduciary duty but also a sense of obligation borne from family history and personal experience.


We are supported by our investors’ guidance and commitment.


We are proud that our portfolio companies are making impact across many areas for people around the world.  We have been especially animated by Financial Inclusion, Quality Education, and Decent Work & Economic Growth.

Virtual Internships: enhancing workforce preparedness for students worldwide

TechCoop: elevating livelihoods of small-hold farmers, starting in Vietnam

Trusting Social: supporting access to finance for the underbanked

Risk Mitigation

We recognize the need to consider the potential environmental and social risks brought about by the investments that we make, as well as to identify and appropriately address any impacts that may consequently arise.

We thereby employ global industry standards including:

- Avoiding excluded industries
- Screening prospective investments using our Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS)
- Working with our colleagues and our portfolio companies to continuously monitor and improve E&S practices

Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment

We believe supporting women founders and business leaders can help drive gender equity and growth opportunities for all.  We aim to support them with a multi-pronged approach:

- Acquiring, retaining, and developing great women for our team
- Establishing a diverse, robust portfolio that serves as a testament to the commercial power of backing women entrepreneurs
- Supporting stakeholders throughout the innovation ecosystem to support diversity & inclusion

An example of this is SHINE, our series of programs providing training, mentorship, and support to dozens of women entrepreneurs over the years.

Incident Reporting

We take any feedback on our firm or our portfolio companies seriously, especially around - but not limited to - environmental issues, social issues, and business integrity issues.  Any grievances you might have can be submitted to us through this form.

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