The Future of Work is Remote: Turing

*Turing is a prior fund portfolio company*

Thanks to an introduction from Annie, we met Jonathan and Vijay in 2018 and learned about their vision where the best software engineers in the world could live in a remote-first world and you could scale engineering teams like you could scale Amazon Web Services (AWS). Turing does more than just finding and matching engineers to jobs. The platform helps teams communicate and manage remote engineers by using the best tools and practices for remote engineering teams. Engineers in turn learn and grow both hard and soft skills and often become permanent members of the team.Amazingly, they have engineers from 140 countries around the world and Vietnam is one of the top 10 countries outside of the US for developers on the platform.They shared our hope that talented Vietnamese engineers who were currently making $1000 a month in 2018 could access more equitable pay in Silicon Valley and help unlock the potential of Vietnam, similar to how offshore remote work has transformed India. Jonathan and Vijay, it's been exciting to see your vision come to life through hard work and dedication these past few years. Keep up the great work.

Turing books $87M at a $1.1B valuation to help source, hire and manage engineers remotely #venturecapital #remotework

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